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Non Binding Estimates

Student profiles are not applications for admission or financial aid. All awards are estimates based on the student's profile as entered by the student. Merit aid estimates do not represent an offer of admission. Nor do merit aid estimates represent a final determination, or actual award, of financial assistance, or a final net price.

Scholarship amounts may be affected if students receive need-based aid awards from State or Federal programs. Estimated awards do not guarantee that any student will qualify for financial aid. The estimates shall not be binding on Higher Admission, Inc. or any member college or university.


No student information is shared with any third party until a student chooses to send his or her profile to a particular college or university. If a student does choose to share his or her information with a particular college or university, the student's entire profile is sent to the selected college or university.

Limited Space and Financial Aid

Spaces and financial aid are limited. We suggest that you apply for admission and financial aid as early as possible.




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