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To provide students with a simple and inexpensive way to make themselves available for offers of admission and financial aid from select post secondary education institutions. To provide those institutions with a low-cost way to access a deep pool of talented students to whom they may offer admission and financial aid.

The idea behind Higher Admission comes from several of Lyle’s personal  experiences.  At the business he owns, some young associates start their careers saddled with crippling college debt.  “It’s such a shame,” says Lyle.  “As these kids applied to college, they weren’t thinking much about the expense. It  seemed as if college were free, or that they’d be able to manage it somehow in the future.  Then they finally start earning a nice salary, but after taxes and student loan payments, they have too little left and feel the burden of years of payments to come.”

His friends' daughters faced difficult college admissions situations.  After going through the entire application process, one had no offers of admission, and the other a single offer from a “safety” school that she didn’t want to attend. There are hundreds of great colleges, but each had only applied to a few, limiting her choices and her chances of finding a good match.

The problems with the current admissions process hit home as his daughter ran the gauntlet. Even as a high-achieving student, she was essentially begging schools to allow her to pay them for their product. Like his employees, she wasn’t thinking about how she would spend $200,000 on her education. As his daughter wrestled with the Common App and additional essays specific to each college, paying separate application fees, worrying about  rejection and limiting herself to a few schools that seemed like possible fits,  Lyle contrasted her experience with that of a small group of elite students and athletes routinely courted by schools that want them. He wondered if there might be a way for schools to find more than just those elite students and athletes, and for students to apply to more than just a few schools.

Lyle immersed himself in the world of college admissions and learned of issues beyond his initial concerns. First, the majority of high achieving low-income high school seniors, and many who score above average on the SAT, don’t even apply to selective schools that would welcome them and offer grants and scholarships. There didn’t seem to be an effective way of getting those students to apply. Second, he learned that many elite schools still have empty seats on May 1st, even after an arduous and expensive admissions search process that includes traveling to meet hundreds of high school counselors and thousands of candidates, purchasing mailing lists and sending glossy marketing materials that go straight into the recycling bin.

Lyle was among the first generation of his family to go to college. He recalls thinking, and being told, that college was for the kids on the other side of the tracks.  He chose the Marine Corps as a path out of his working class neighborhood, but realized during his enlistment that attending the best college he could was the clear path to upward mobility.   Critically aware of the costs, he compared offers of financial aid, and asked his first choice college if it would match the aid offer of his second choice college.  It did.  Lyle wants that experience - access to colleges who are willing to compete with each other for students' attendance - for all students who are motivated to attend a four-year, accredited school.   His older daughter completed the current process successfully, but Lyle's younger daughter-- and her friends-- plan to use Higher Admission.

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