At Higher Admission, we understand the pressure schools face to enroll qualified students. Take the uncertainty out of mass communication and specifically target only the students that meet your admissions criteria.

That’s the power of our platform.

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Students Enter Profiles:

Students create and keep current a Higher Admission profile: name, email address, home address, gender, race, age, religion, GPA, test scores, expected family contribution, documented awards and parents education level. In other words, all of the information that most colleges and universities need to estimate merit aid.

Schools Set Dynamic/Granular Pricing & Custom Messaging:

Colleges and universities register on the site, and, once approved, are granted access to our dynamic and granular pricing software, as well as our custom messaging modules. Schools can set an almost infinite variety of financial incentives - all of which will only be seen by students who qualify. Awards from the most basic, e.g. based on your GPA and SAT/ACT award matrices, to the most granular, e.g. a scholarship for valedictorians from a selected state who are underrepresented minorities, are possible.

Students View Custom Incentives:

On their mobile devices, students see a list of colleges and the merit aid for which they qualify at each school. Clicking on a college takes the student to your custom messaging page which contains your branding, links to your web site, links to your social media, links to rankings that you like and your recruiting text.



Students Become Prospects:

If a student is interested in your college or university, they touch a button and we send you their file. We track all views and clicks, which you'll find on your Higher Admission metrics page.





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